Daily Dose of Craziness

One-a-day selected alternative projects, mail art, performance scores, subverted street art and more by multi-disciplinary mixed media conceptual artist Jennifer Weigel. Check back every day for a new work from a totally random, open-theme.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fluxfest Chicago 2013

Planned Scores

Approach a nearby audience member.
Cup your mouth to his/her ear.
Whisper the following:
“I wish we lived in a world where ‘what was said’ mattered more than ‘how loud it can be shouted’.”
Walk back to your original place.
Face the audience.
Take a bow.

Repeat the following ad infinitum until someone stops you:
“This is going nowhere... and...”
You may also pace or act nervous as you see fit.

Reprise of Worry:
invite audience to join in and/or wander about space while chanting:
“This is going nowhere... and...”

stand at conversation distance from one another
scream at top of lungs at one another
bow to audience

Long-Term, Ongoing & Spontaneous Performances

Taste the Rainbow
performed multiple times over the entire weekend, both solo and sharing
eat / share rainbow cookies (from Toni’s Patisserie across from Cultural Center)
when sharing, break onto pieces
offer with the invitation, “Taste the Rainbow”

Me, Myself & I
performed daily over the weekend, evolving with each new day
enlist volunteers to represent past versions of myself from previous days:
Thursday Jennifer: winter hat , name badge from SAIC (until lost on Saturday)
Friday Jennifer: legwarmers on arms (green on right)
    Panic - “Jennifer, WHERE IS YOUR WALLET?!!!”
Saturday Jennifer: pink mustache

Pick a Card, Any Card
performed on 2/22/13
photo ATC giveaway
fan out photo ATC cards image side down and let audience draw cards until gone

Is It For Real?  Question Authenticity
performed on 2/23/13
Offer to authenticate objects wearing sign which reads:
Feel free to bring me whatever artworks, found objects and other items you wish for authentification.  I will sign and date these items at my discretion in this performance exploring authenticity and the role of the artist’s signature as a means of identification and validation.
Signed, Jennifer Weigel
Fluxfest Chicago 2013

Envision Peace (for Yoko Ono)
performed with Taste the Rainbow on 2/24/13
kids valentines giveaway to Yoko Ono from myself in homage
found 3D peace valentines with hand written note on back “Envision Peace”
included in a communion ritual:
hand gesture “X”
“You are FLUXUS”
“Peace be with you.”

Friday, May 30, 2014


Buffy, After Being Bitten
Found bottle, fossil shark teeth, doll cheerleader outfit

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Paint leavings from Cindy Royal, with nail polish on canvas board

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Ashes to ashes...
Dust to dust...
Our days were already numbered
from the very beginning,
so let us make the most of them.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I memorize every coil of your hair.
Your dark locks twist and spiral,
caught in the lamplight by our bed
like seashells just emerged from the mire,
those yet to be found along the shore.

People change and evolve over time.
I am not the same woman you married;
you too have become someone new.
I am again reminded just how much
of how little we know one another.

Our lives are evolving together,
intertwined in their own blessed spiral.
Having been caught in this eternal game,
we constantly adapt to the new rules
while we get to know who we have been.

Monday, May 26, 2014

We Had Only Just Met

We had only just met.
I barely even knew of you
and yet I considered you a friend.
How naïve of me.
I’d have taken you in
as a second stand-in child,
but my first would never allow it.

Yet you were so trusting,
so unafraid and full of hope.
I guess you had nothing left to lose.
How naïve of you.
In the search for better
only once did you hesitate,
in and out between known and unknown.

Now I can’t help but feel
the resentful disappointment
of yearning to right an unknown wrong.
How naïve of us.
Such blurry distinctions…
What became of right and wrong?
Just unseen paths lost to here and now.

I didn’t want for it to end this way.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Perhaps I’m more than just a bit thin-skinned.
I lose my temper over little things
that were misconstrued too personally.

My ego bruises way too easily.
Sometimes friends and family feel as if
they have to walk on eggshells around me.

I’m too much akin to a nectarine.
I try too hard to hide my true feelings
until the peaches-and-cream turns sour.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014


Work your way down a pre-existing line of people, greeting each and every person individually and shaking their hands.
Walk away.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I wish I could
flash through my thoughts like a sparrow in flight
or glide through my mind like a betta in water.

I want my ideas to be graceful,
but I'm looking in wrong places
and the context is a shade awry,
like that hideous chartreuse
that left a residual stench on the cornea.

So as a fish floundering
from the fluidity of blindly doing
to the stillness of thinking silently aloud,
I find that I must look for grace
in the ungraceful
and that I am tripping over
the thin edge of time,
Life/Death riding sharply behind.

I wonder if I'll ever make sense
of all that is illuminated around me -
there is far too much information
    to receive
                        to process
            to regurgitate
to ignore
                                to adopt
                    to adapt
        to question
                            to concern
                to live
                                        to die

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Altered found vintage handkerchiefs with added embellishment thought bubbles "Bitch" and "Slut"
Displayed with Gossip altered trophy

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Simple Pleasures

Reclining on the sofawith my husband,
a warm cat by my side,
and a cup of hot chamomile tea;
what more could I want?

Monday, May 19, 2014


It’s all too easy
to become
all too comfortable
our own distress.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


It all lies in one’s perception...
of the Beginning...
        of the End...
                    of the Beginning...
of the End...
    of the Beginning...

                of the End...
                            of the Beginning...
        of the End...
of the Beginning...
    of the End...

                    of the Beginning...
                                    of the End...
            of the Beginning...
        of the End...
                            of the Beginning...
of the End...
        of the Beginning...
                        of the End...

                of the Beginning...
    of the End...

of the Beginning...

                                    of the End...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fall of Ki Rin

Fall of Ki Rin
Ink drawing for Drawgasmic show, organized by David Wolk of Cranky Yellow

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Waterbearer (She Who Bears the Weight of the World Still Manages to Smile)
Collaboration between myself & Marie Samuel

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

12 Dances

Dance 1 (Bashful)
For one or more dancers:
Facing the audience, do any and all of the following actions in any order:
    Bite your fingernails.
    Gaze at the floor.
    Gently mouth your pinky finger.
    Glance up at audience.
    Play with your clothes and/or shoes.
     Spiral a lock of hair around your index finger.
    Twirl one foot in front of you.
Repeat any and all actions as desired.

Dance 2 (Evasion)
For two dancers:
Walk towards one another.
Evade to the side to pass simultaneously, getting in one another’s way.
Repeat this action with more urgency as you come closer together.
Stop when you touch.
Stand still for a moment.
Turn to the audience and bow.

Dance 3 (Gotta Pee, Gotta Pee)
For one dancer with audience:
Cross legs back and forth.
Shift weight from one foot to the other.
Sigh profusely.
Dart up to someone.
Ask, “Where is the closest restroom?”
Repeat all actions in your choice of order until you get a directional response.
Run off in that direction.

Dance 4 (Hey!)
For one dancer:
Wave frantically with one or both arms, as if finally spying someone you’d been waiting for.  Do this action for far longer than is socially comfortable.

Dance 5 (Hokey Pokey)
For one or more dancers:
Do the hokey pokey.
Invite others to join in.

Dance 6 (Love)
For two dance partners
Slow dance with someone you love to the sound of the music in your head in a public space where no music is actually playing.

Dance 7 (Main Squeeze)
For one dancer in a crowded public space:
Squeeze past people in a crowded space while carrying too many bags, parcels, etc. until you reach your destination.

Dance 8 (Rockin’ Out 1)
For one dancer:
Headbang and dance to headphones to your choice of song.
Ends when song is over or someone interrupts, whichever comes first.

Dance 9 (Rockin’ Out 2)
For the automobile with driver and all passengers as dancers:
Sit in quiet seriousness until stopped at a red light.
Headbang and play air drums, air guitar or take on other rock star roles.
Return to regular, attentive disposition when light changes.
Drive / ride away.

Dance 10 (Sit)
For one or more dancers:
Pull up a chair.
Stare intently at the audience.
In any order, do the following:
    Cross legs.
    Uncross legs.
    Sit up straight.
    Sit draped over chair to one side.
    Sit draped over chair to the other side.
Stand and return chair to original position.

Dance 11 (Waiting)
For one or more dancers (in complete unison):
Glance at watch.
Cross arms.
Tap foot hurriedly five times.
Stare off into space.
Repeat exactly the same exactly three times.
Go on about your business.

Dance 12 (Your Face Is Gonna Freeze Like That)
For multiple dancers and announcer:
Make as many different facial expressions as you can.
Stop when announcer yells, “Freeze!”
Hold whatever expression you were doing at that moment.
Relax your face when announcer yells, “Thaw!”
Repeat as desired.
Announcer bows.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

12 Songs

Song 1 (Amen!)
For one singer:
In response to something someone else has said in casual conversation, unexpectedly stomp foot and/or clap hands loudly.
Shout “Amen!”

Song 2 (Blur)
Tribute to Blur, for one or more singers:

Song 3 (Breathe)
For one or more singers:
Breathe in and out as loudly as you can.

Song 4 (Hey!)
For one singer:
Yell to attract attention, as if finally spying someone you’d been waiting for. Do this action for far longer than is socially comfortable.

Song 5 (Holidays Here Again)
For multiple singers:
Go Christmas caroling in July.

Song 6 (Kiss 1)
Duet for two singers:
Kiss one another loudly on the cheeks in greeting, making a popping sound.

Song 7 (Kiss 2)
Intimate duet for two singers:
Kiss one another on the lips, hot and wet, loud and sloppy. Do this action for far longer than is socially comfortable.

Song 8 (Rabble)
For multiple performers:
In a close-knit group, moving in unison, wander throughout the space, in and out of audience members as possible, mumbling and repeating the following:
Rabble – Rabble – Rabble…

Song 9 (Repeat Re-peat Re-pe-at)
For one singer:
Repeat everything you said.
Talk more slowly.
Continue to do so until it becomes wholly absurd and bears little to no resemblance to the original statement.

Song 10 (Silence)
For one or more singers:
Stand in front of the audience.
Try not to make any sound.  Make even your breathing & movements as minimal and quiet as possible.

Song 11 (Territorial Dispute)
For multiple singers:
Pose and circle one another, imitating birdcalls.

Song 12 (You Are My Sunshine)
For one or more singers:
Sing “You Are My Sunshine” as loudly as possible.
Really ham it up with big sweeping gestures.
Hum the words you don’t know.