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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Seven Holy Virtues

Patience (against Anger/Wrath)
Two hours in line
Waiting at the DMV
Puts people on edge.

Kindness (against Envy)
Socially elite?
Show you have money to burn
By helping others.

Abstinence (against Gluttony)
Beautiful extremes:
Anorexic girls embrace
Consumer culture.

Liberality (against Greed)
Don’t let “friends” go broke;
Let them walk all over you -
That’s your worth to them.

Chastity (against Lust)
Self-proclaimed virgin;
She’s just another rock star
Flirting on TV.

Humility (against Pride)
We must be the best -
Depressed by imperfection,
We become worthless.

Diligence (against Sloth)
Working overtime,
The new salaried standard.
Family can wait.

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