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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Temporary Amnesia

Where was I going just now?
Before my thoughts turned
towards dinner concoctions for tomorrow?
Before I glanced into the car next door
at the brunette tapping a cigarette out her window?
I’ve found myself grounded at a red light
that I don’t even remember stopping for.
I tally my actions, reliving each and every detail, one by one:
Drop off recycling.  Check.
Return overdue library book.  Check.
Buy scoopable cat litter.  Check.
But my yet-to-do list is still just a hazy blur.
Thoughts sweep through my mind,
pouring through like the passing cars,
as if racing towards some unremembered goal
barely hinted at in my peripheral vision.
I start questioning my need to be in this time and place.
While my thoughts slow to an inevitable pause
the passing traffic lulls around me.
In less than a moment’s notice,
the red light morphs to green
and like a start I’m back on track -
on my way to pick up a gallon of milk,
having forgotten the act of forgetting.

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