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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fluxfest Chicago 2014

Planned Scores

Impromptu Improvisational Influx
Art = Life & Life = Art so liveart & artlive for the moment!
I have no idea what all I'll do in response to the weekend festivities, but I hope to make whatever it is memorable.

Hand out whistles.
Have everyone blow whistles until signaled to stop.

for Women in Bowlers, organized by Darlene Domel
1 Gardener: lead performer (myself)
3 Seeds: volunteer performers (who are okay with getting wet)
1 Modified Watering Can
3 Green Garden Bowlers
Seeds line up in a row, small & crouched at ground level.
Gardener waters Seeds with Modified Watering Can, one at a time, from behind.
Seeds grow & blossom in turn.
Gardener places Green Garden Bowlers atop Seeds’ heads as they blossom.
After all Seeds have blossomed, bow to signify the end.
Seeds get to keep their Green Garden Bowlers as tokens of the experience.  Extra Green Garden Bowlers will be gifted to Darlene Domel to say “thank you” for organizing Women in Bowlers and to Keith Buchholz for organizing Fluxfest.

Long-Term, Ongoing & Spontaneous Performances

Hair- Cutting Piece
in memory of my father, James Alan Weigel, 1948 - 2014
Scissors on Ribbon, worn around the neck at all times
Small Rubber Bands, available at all times (carried in pocket)
Life is fleeting.  The most that each and every one of us has to offer is a series of shared experiences: our hopes, dreams, inspirations, joys, sorrows...
Sometimes these connections transcend time and place, and sometimes they are lost to history, all but forgotten except by a select few.
In observance of our being together in this time and place, I invite you to cut off a piece of my hair to keep as a memento of this connection.
May we revel in sharing our lives in this moment and honor and celebrate our present time together, for it truly is a gift and is, at best, on loan to us.
I will have small rubber bands and scissors on me over the weekend for just this purpose.  Feel free to approach me at any time.

Happy Fluxfest to You!
For Keith Buchholz
Mechanical Musical Kinetic “Happy Birthday” Candle, to be given to waitress for placement atop Keith Buchholz’s order
When order with musical candle arrives, sing “Happy Fluxfest to You!” to Keith Buchholz as a thank you for organizing the event.

Post-Performance Score:
Carry blown-out Mechanical Musical Kinetic “Happy Birthday” Candle in tote over the course of the weekend with muted music following everywhere you go.  Question whether the sound is part of your environment or in your head.  After much internal deliberation, ask others to verify that they hear it too.  Pass tote off to Keith Buchholz to similar effect.  Have Keith Buchholz and Cathi Schwalbe leave blown-out Mechanical Musical Kinetic “Happy Birthday” Candle on Cathi Schwalbe’s back porch until spring to be submerged in the koi pond.

Wear Chinese finger traps, one per finger.  Invite people to insert their finger in the other end of a finger trap.  Pull apart, with the finger trap going to whoever still has it afterwards.

Share the Love
with Jonathan Stangroom & Moan Lisa
Spoken Word (with John & Catherine Bennett):
Alternate between saying LIVE and LOVE as desired, merging the two words
Distribute post-Valentine’s Day chocolates to crowd until gone.
Post-Performance: Ship heart-shaped boxes to Mark Bloch.

Sugar candy eyes, offered from Emergency Googly Eyes tin
Remaining Scavenger Hunt Checklists, as mail art invitations, due by May
WWJWD “What Will Jennifer Weigel Do?” Stickers

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