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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

12 Songs

Song 1 (Amen!)
For one singer:
In response to something someone else has said in casual conversation, unexpectedly stomp foot and/or clap hands loudly.
Shout “Amen!”

Song 2 (Blur)
Tribute to Blur, for one or more singers:

Song 3 (Breathe)
For one or more singers:
Breathe in and out as loudly as you can.

Song 4 (Hey!)
For one singer:
Yell to attract attention, as if finally spying someone you’d been waiting for. Do this action for far longer than is socially comfortable.

Song 5 (Holidays Here Again)
For multiple singers:
Go Christmas caroling in July.

Song 6 (Kiss 1)
Duet for two singers:
Kiss one another loudly on the cheeks in greeting, making a popping sound.

Song 7 (Kiss 2)
Intimate duet for two singers:
Kiss one another on the lips, hot and wet, loud and sloppy. Do this action for far longer than is socially comfortable.

Song 8 (Rabble)
For multiple performers:
In a close-knit group, moving in unison, wander throughout the space, in and out of audience members as possible, mumbling and repeating the following:
Rabble – Rabble – Rabble…

Song 9 (Repeat Re-peat Re-pe-at)
For one singer:
Repeat everything you said.
Talk more slowly.
Continue to do so until it becomes wholly absurd and bears little to no resemblance to the original statement.

Song 10 (Silence)
For one or more singers:
Stand in front of the audience.
Try not to make any sound.  Make even your breathing & movements as minimal and quiet as possible.

Song 11 (Territorial Dispute)
For multiple singers:
Pose and circle one another, imitating birdcalls.

Song 12 (You Are My Sunshine)
For one or more singers:
Sing “You Are My Sunshine” as loudly as possible.
Really ham it up with big sweeping gestures.
Hum the words you don’t know.

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